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hey guys! i just got a blue snowball ice! (it will be here soon. i got it on amazon) do any of you guys have any tips and/or tricks for the ice? i will also tell you guys how i like it soon!

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If you can, try to isolate the snowball mic from the room. This could mean building a little blanket tent around it, or a cardboard box with padding in it. it helps give you cleaner sound with less room sound.

I built this thing a few years ago. I also made a DIY pop filter out of some hose and a wire hanger, if you have any lying around you can have. It helps reduce pops and plosives from the P and S sounds when you speak. Other than that, you're set, it's a great mic!

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ok thanks!

i think ill make a box with padding in it

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Re: blue snowball ice

I just got the snowball ice and i love it! It is way better then the logitech c920 hd pro webcam i was using! mini/lol