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This film tells the story of the Pepperoni family. Because all the pizza on earth can't change destiny. It would be very helpful to watch The Godfather in order to understand much of the humor in this film.

I made this in less than 24 hours for the third annual 24-Hour Animation Contest. It placed second over all, a pleasant surprise - this was my first time entering the competition, so it was an entirely new challenge for me. The theme announced at the start of the 24 hours for the competition was "What really happened."

Edit: Finally getting around to submitting some of my older movies to the directory.

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I finally got around to watching and I really enjoyed it I saw the resemblance between the godfather and it and thought you executed most aspects very nicely including set design camera angles and quality and of course the voice acting
I also liked how you made a somewhat parody but still kept the godfather/Italian feel to it
As always Smeagol you have executed a magnificent and brilliant film that will surely appeal to most audiences
Though i think the voice acting on some peoples parts could have been better but other than that
brilliant Parody

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Hahahahaha great movie Smeagol. The set design was awesome.


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The face on the chief was an excellent choice


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love this film! sets are very nice mini/bigsmile

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