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Watch Now: Teaser Fana'Briques 2022
Released: September 9, 2022
Content Advisory: no violence, no language, no sexual content

Teaser Fana'Briques 2020 (released February 29, 2020)

Here is the teaser we made for French lego exhibition Fana'briques 2020 (which will in fact occur in 2022).
The theme of the exhibition is « animals ».
Special thanks to:
- Eric André who composed the music and sings the song.
- Alexander Studios who was ok for us to use 2 seconds of his great brickfilm « Lego Dolphin Show »
- our friend Maxime Marion (iguana), who animated the scene with the sheep.

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Re: Teaser Fana'Briques 2022

Lego exhibition Fana'Briques 2020 never occured because of Covid, until (hopefully) this year on 1st and 2nd October 2022, in Colmar, France. So, the teaser is the same as the one we made two years ago, except the end with the new dates.

The song is in French, it gives all the first names of different animals who gather together to attend to the exhibition.

Enjoy!  mini/smile