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The Heist


A couple of prisoners are broken out by a mysterious hooded gentleman. His only, request: rob the bank. What could go wrong?

Layla          Eric Clapton
I Know I Can   The Tansads

Camera- Logitech C920
Image capture- I Can Animate
Editing- Final Cut Pro X
Visual effects- Motion 5

Re: The Heist

Really good and fun film. Some of the animation felt a bit fast and the voices could be a little louder, but overall I think this doesn't detract from the movie at all. This feels like a brickfilm that would be just as watchable without audio: it's visually interesting and doesn't rely on the dialogue too much. Not that I think you shouldn't have added voices: the different accents for the townspeople and the criminals really add to the film.

The scene with the hippie store guy is a good example of this: putting the prisoner next to his own mugshot was a really good touch. I also really like the character animation, like when the one prisoner is reaching for the key. Love those moustaches, too.

Re: The Heist

Thanks man, had a lot of fun with this one! Definitely got to use the moustaches again, wiggling them around is just too good to miss out on.