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The Rat Race - THAC XVII


Made in under 24 hours for THAC XVII. The theme was "Opportunity."

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Re: The Rat Race - THAC XVII

This short felt like a bit of a conflict of tones.
The sillier music and beeps and bops of the sound effects, combined with the snappy animation made me feel like it was a brighter, sillier film. Yet, the seriousness of the story that hit around 1:42 made it feel like the script could/should have gone with a darker, more serious tone. Wearing down to the pressure and surrendering to the evil presented to him makes for a much darker and drearier ending than the bouncy beginning sets up. That being said, bravo on going for a very meaningful and poignant film.

Maybe I'm the only one to notice that, but the seemingly flip-flop of intensity made this film a hard one to categorize.

Still, besides that, the animation is great. The snappy, zippy style is well executed and complimented by the sound work.
The different elements of the film were all done very well, but, for me, they simply don't come together.

Re: The Rat Race - THAC XVII

It's like Mickey and Thomas Wayne said. Will anyone think about the billionaires for once!