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Lego Police SWAT Raid

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The cities fire hall has been robbed by the local robbers. The police are looking for a way to clear the robbers out of town so they can build the new police station and hospital. They just got there reason to, time to call in the SWAT team!

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Re: Lego Police SWAT Raid

I really liked it. The voice work was great, and the effects were good. Some of the animation was a bit basic, like during the security footage, but overall it's quite well done. I especially liked when the fireman threw away his mug, that looked really good.

The train arrival scene was pretty good. Usually it's difficult to mix live action footage with stop motion: the switch between the two can be quite jarring. I didn't feel like this was the case in your film, so you did well on that.

The town looked great as well! Looks like you have a lot of table space too, do you have a LEGO town set up or something?

Subscribed, and hope you'll post more films in the future!

Re: Lego Police SWAT Raid

Thanks BertL!
I agree, the tools going into the bag could have used some work and the legs moving as he ran behind the building.  Good eye!

Yes I have an L shapped table about 8 feet long one way and 10 feet long the other way. It has been a toss up between a city and a stop motion set haha! It kindof works together. Im going to put lighting in the buildings soon.

I'm going to try and get back to the construction part of the channel hence the name.

Also thanks for the sub, at this level, every sub is worth gold and very much appreciated!