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Gerki's war -  THAC XVII


a peasant knows how to stop the war

As a mortal, I was called by the name Duffcow56. That time has passed. I am now Duffosaur, ravager of worlds. Look on me and despair.

Re: Gerki's war - THAC XVII

This entry was quite humorous.
Good job!

Re: Gerki's war - THAC XVII

I really liked this one, it actually made me laugh.

I like how the spaceman floats around. The way the king drives his go-kart into the wall and the door. As well as the finale, what a great ending to such an emotional film!

All around, fantastic work! It felt somewhat like a classic brickfilm.

Yes, it's homemade, fresh from the toaster oven.

Re: Gerki's war - THAC XVII

Eww! Kissing!! mini/tongue

So, this turned out very different from what I was expecting from the lines you sent me. It's a strange entry for sure. The spaceman's "walking" was a fun, time-saving, and character building choice. Great idea.

Re: Gerki's war - THAC XVII

Your style of animation is amusing and has a lot of character  The set design was minimalistic with limited bricks but still managed to successfully convey the power and wealth of the moon king. I enjoyed this, keep it up.