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Last Stand (2011)

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What better film to add to my library first this year than the one that got me where I am today? Last Stand follows the story of a soldier saved from death, his new commanding officer, and the friendship they form during their struggles.

This is the oldest film I'm still proud of in certain ways, despite how rough it looks. I was testing chroma key and other effects in this film, but went overboard and keyed the majority of shots—with a pink screen, no less. This adds an unpleasant pink outline around characters and objects. That combined with color bleeding and digital backgrounds makes for unsatisfying visuals throughout. On the flip side, I had managed to make a short film over ten minutes (my longest video until the final part of Knightrise) and tell a coherent story without voice acting.

I'm quite pleased with Last Stand's success, but it's too bad the animation hasn't aged well. If only it could be in better quality to stand the test of time.