Topic: The rating system is messed up!

Hey peeps, this is Ben from Bros with da Legos. I'm not sure if anyone noticed, but the film rating system isn't working. mini/confused At all. Every time I try to rate a  film, the rating doesn't show up! I've tried singing out and back in again, but it still won't work. Based on the fact that none of the recent films have any ratings, I don't think I'm the only one with this problem.

Reply to this topic if you have the same problem. Oh, and if any of you BiM bigwigs have the time to fix this that would be great.

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Re: The rating system is messed up!

Yeah I just tested it and I see the same problem

Re: The rating system is messed up!

I've been having the same problem too.

Re: The rating system is messed up!

Weird. I remember a little while ago I tried to rate a film and it didn't look like it responded at first. I went to try again and I think I accidentally rated it twice.

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Re: The rating system is messed up!

Thanks for reporting the problem. Next time, the topic should be in "Updates and Feedback."

We "BiM bigwigs" are fixing it now.

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