Topic: The Pageant Present ("Brickfilm Chrstmas Collab 2019")

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The Pageant Present ("Brickfilm Chrstmas Collab 2019")


My contribution to the third annual, international Christmas brickfilm collaboration.
Special thanks to Chris Major for doing a fantastic job at coordinating this massive project. Thank you also to Shelby Pritchard and Lainie May for voice acting in this project.

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Re: The Pageant Present ("Brickfilm Chrstmas Collab 2019")

Awesome! I had totally forgotten what prompt I had submitted. I had never thought of setting the "manger borrowing" in a modern day pageant. Nice job thinking outside the box, even if building a manger isn't quite "borrowing" it.

Right off the bat, the exterior shot of the church is fantastic. It's a great set, but the dusting of snow really makes it shine. In fact, all the sets are highly detailed and well-lite. Animation is also consistently top-notch.

However, there are a couple smaller things that bothered me.
The mouth animation looked good overall, but could have used another transition frame or two between some of the mouth shapes. While the mouths looked fine (Not a style I care for, but they looked well-made in that style) the eyes were certainly too big. However, for an early attempt at mouth animation, it's fantastic!

The bigger issue is when nearly half of the total runtime is credits. Granted, the credits screen design is wonderful and winter-y, but it's still way too big in relation to the rest of the film.