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Christmas Mirage

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This is my entry to the Secret Santa Christmas Collab 2019, hosted by GoldBrickProductions. My prompt was "Christmas in the Desert", I decided to put a twist of mistaking the prompt as "Christmas in the Dessert". Together with the help of DylandProductions, this concept was put together.

Yes, it's homemade, fresh from the toaster oven.

Re: Christmas Mirage

What a creative take on the theme!

The "mistake" truly brings a unique aspect to the film that's only aided by the musical aspect of it.
The shot at 0:55 is quite impressive. The giant desserts look perfect, and watching them move around and be eaten is perfect for the idea of a desert mirage/hallucination.

The song itself is good, though the singing, well...

Overall a very creative film that has a lot of unique aspects to set it apart from the others. Good job!