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Pirates Vs Nexo Knighs


The Misadventures of Brickbeard are back!

This short was made 3 years ago but was never released due to some rights problems. Everything's now fixed. So... enjoy!

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Re: Pirates Vs Nexo Knighs

Great soundtrack! Pretty remarkable, the animations are perfect.
I think this one was mentioned in a podcast some years ago and I am glad it saw the light of day.

Re: Pirates Vs Nexo Knighs

The humor is spot-on, the scale and complexity of the sets and animation are impressive, and as always, you've made yet another masterpiece.

The lighting inside the Nexo Knight Fortress thing was perfect. The red glow was a great touch.

Re: Pirates Vs Nexo Knighs

Awesome work, Maxime!  mini/smile

As we already said on Youtube, we love the giant anchor which reminds us of the eccentric weapons of the video game « Worms » we used to be fan of.

Re: Pirates Vs Nexo Knighs

Really well done - the lighting is superb and I love the brick built anchor - and needless to say that the actual animation is brilliant - I keep trying to make my characters have more of a cartoon movement to them - this film is great inspiration - thanks, great job mini/smile