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The Noseless Snowman


I retell my favorite Christmas memory: The Case of the Noseless Snowman.

This is the first time I've released my segment from the 2017 Brickfilm Christmas Collaboration:

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As I've said before I don't understand why it takes awhile for films to get the love they deserve on here and this fine film proves my point. Great white balance to convey a snowy day. Loved that pesky Dixie and the battle for that carrot. The story is compelling and makes you want to watch and see how it turns out. But it also shows just how great moms are and how special they are during the holiday season. I don't usually nick pick but one little thing for me was the audio. It was a bit low and i had to go back a few times to hear a few lines. But next to that, spot on. And not to spoil the ending, but you have to tell the story of how you..............

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Youtube link is now up.

Thanks for the detailed feedback.
I worked hard to get the lighting just right on this one, so I'm glad that got noticed.
Maybe I should tell that second story one day. (Actually, it would be cool to hear that story from others too!)