Topic: Lego just bought Bricklink

Here's the exclusive interview with Brother's Brick.


I'm really nervous about this, and don't see much good coming from it. Sure, more MOC contests, giveaways, and events, but at what long-term cost? Personally, I was loving the direction Bricklink was heading on it's own., the AFOL Designer Program, and the revamped/redesigned site were all fantastic changes.

While Brother's Brick points out the obvious, that it seems there's a major conflict of interest, I have a few other concerns. Will the Bircklink categories be swapped out for Lego's own color names and categories? (I prefer Bricklink's) Besides Brickarms, what other third-party products will they ban? How will this exist side by side with Lego's own online Pick-A-Brick service?