Hello. Sorry about the Hiatus I had. I just recently got back into LEGO Stop Motion Films thanks to help from BrickBrosProductions. His words from his 2 Brickfilm Making Guides inspired me NOT to Give up.

I have Started a NEW Brickfilm Studio called "Colleen Dahmer Productionz" and as a result, I, Noah Boyd, Alias Colleen Dahmer, have decided that I want to create a NEW LEGO PG-13 Rated Feature Film called: The Haunting. Which, I know, Sounds a little Familiar and Strange, but it's not. So How am I Gonna Create this Feature Film? This is where The Collaborators Come in. We need You to help Colleen Dahmer Productions to create a Brickfilm with the same Idea Stephen Sommers Had with Van Helsing, And Combine it with The 2001 Tomb Raider and the 1999 Reboot of the Mummy. Now, This is the Question Every Brickfilm maker is going to ask me: How am I gonna Help out and Pull this whole Thing off?

Here is how:

As Executive Producer, And Director Of the Project. I will help out with the whole brickfilm making Process, Whether it's Directing, And Producing the Feature film, or Acting as the Main Character and being the Exec. Producer of the Album (Yes, This Brickfilm will have an Original Soundtrack Album). We will then Premiere this brickfilm in the Zeiterion Theater in my City of New Bedford, MA.

The Film will take place in the Gothic Victorian Era. But, There is No Known Plot at this time.

If this Sounds like your Project, Please Reply to this Forum or Private Message me via Email at [email protected]

Thank you and have a Great Day everyone.