Topic: How do you host a contest??

Can anyone tell me how to host a contest?? If so it would b really great. Also check out my youtube channel megamovieman.

Re: How do you host a contest??

I personal messaged you about that yesterday, but in case others are wondering as well, I'll copy that here.

Welcome to BiM! I hope you enjoy your time here.
As to your question, anybody can host a contest, but with the Christmas Collaboration going now, and THAC near the end of December, it would be a good idea to start one in early February.

Here's some ideas with contests:

First, have an attractive concept. A cool theme, an interesting limitation, or some special something to interest people in your contest.
Second, make sure it looks good. A nice logo and clearly explained rules and ideas go along way to attracting people to your film.
Third, try to have decent prizes. While not a necessity, it really helps bring people to an unfamiliar contest and host.
Fourth, make sure the judging perimeters are clear and even-handed, try to recruit a few extra judges so it's not just your opinion.

You'll begin by posting the topic in General Film Discussion, if it meets a certain standard of quality, mods may move it to the Contests forum.

For now, I'd highly recommend you learn a bit more about the site and maybe even enter a contest or two before trying to host one. My advice would be to stick around, show off your films, and get your name out there before trying to organize something big.

Also, the best way to promote your channel is to submit a film or two into the releases forum. That's what it's there for. mini/wink

Re: How do you host a contest??

thank u!!!!