Topic: Lego WWII: Second Sino-Japanese War: Daybreak

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Lego WWII: Second Sino-Japanese War: Daybreak

Lego WWII: Second Sino-Japanese War: Daybreak

Yet another lego brickfilm stop-motion set in the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945), a military conflict that happened before and during World War 2 between the republic of China and the Empire of Japan. It all began with the invasion of Manchuria, but the Marco Polo Bridge incident started it all. The story involves about a unit of the Cantonese 23th division 

This animation takes a different approach to the genre, showing the concept that a nation was willing to try anything to achieve victory, and how common soldiers were trying to deal with this is, this brickfilm is not about some heroic deed, but the chaotic demotivated status of the entire conflict and the struggles of the common soldiers who have their own personal issues as well as the governments trying to cover specific events, either for the sake of a nation or for their own interest.

May The Force Be With You!