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Apollo 11 50th anniversary

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This brick film celebrates the 50th anniversary of the moon landing!

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The feeling of spectacle comes across very nicely. Good special effects work and music. I have watched the Apollo VR experience before and this is as engaging as that one I would say

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A truly fantastic film in every way. Great job.

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I love how the film takes it's time to savor each shot and plot beat. That patience allows the viewers to feel the significance of each action as it happens without the emotion being lost thanks to the untimely arrival of the next scene.

I was getting 2001:A Space Odyssey and  Star Trek: The Motion Picture vibes from the slower pace, great space shots, and sheer spectacle and majesty invoked by the visuals and music.

Great job crafting this film!

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Been looking forward to this one ever since you released the trailer, and it certainly did not disappoint.

The special effects and overall look of the film is great, and some of the shots are super neat. I particularly liked the shot of the astronauts going up the elevator. There are some great recreations of iconic shots, too, like the rocket separation shot at 0:56.

The slow pacing of this film also really helps give it that grand, majestic feel. Good stuff.

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I enjoyed this a lot. The cinematography really feels space-y, and the use of different scales is very subtle and I admittedly didn't notice it at first. This is among my favorite brickfilms of the year! Great job! mini/smile