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Hey all! You've probably noticed there's a slightly different look on the forums right now.

We've been trying to update the look of BiM for years, and while there's a new forum in development, I've also developed this updated look for the current site for the time being.

Now, things are bit whacky still with the colors and design. That's because it's not entirely done. But worry not, I'll be working on it to make it better.

In the meantime, let me know what you think about it! Keep in mind it's a beta, but I'm open to suggestions.


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Re: Beta Test of Bricks in Motion's New Look

Even with nostalgia, I actually like the new look. I'm glad the general layout and way things work for the forum has stayed the same, just a change in color and aesthetic.
One minor annoyance is that big welcome to bim message makes getting to further down forum sections a bit longer and those that don't scroll through everything may ignore further down sections more, maybe have a way that message goes away if you're signed in since current users don't need a welcome?

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Re: Beta Test of Bricks in Motion's New Look

I certainly miss the old look, but this looks very clean and modern. It needed a facelift, but there’s definitely some nostalgia.

Re: Beta Test of Bricks in Motion's New Look

Yeah, generally like it, much more clean and modern. I agree with END films on the welcome banner though, maybe just have that on the forum home page or the BIM home page. Defintely a bit obtrusive on every subsection.

Maybe move login/logout/profile to the top bar (along with home, forums, films, wiki) as I feel it doesn't just apply to the forums. That might just be me though.

Anyway, great work, looking forward to further development in the future.

Re: Beta Test of Bricks in Motion's New Look

Really liking the new design, overall.

As most others have said, the top header with the welcome text is a bit too prominent while browsing the directory/forums. It's a bit too in your face Perhaps you could set it so that the header is only visible when users are not logged in - this may also encourage new users to sign up, and returning users to sign in.

The welcome text could also use a rewrite. If you do decide to hide it for logged in users, it might be good to add something like "Join us! It's free and you get cookies." (It's technically true!)

I really like JOCo's suggestion of moving login/logout/etc to the top. The light grey top bar in the forums (that says Index, User list, Rules etc.) would probably look good on the rest of the site as well, consolidating and simplifying the overall look of the site. It'd be a great replacement for the green Controls box which looks really dated compared to the new header.

Last of all, I like the new colour scheme you chose for the forums and I hope in time it will be implemented across the web site. Some of the CSS on the forums still needs an update, though - links are still in the old colour scheme (blue for the Filmmaking section, green in Community, and orange in Website).

Anyway, those are my two cents.

EDIT: Also, you fixed the "wait a minute after submitting your post for the page to load even though your post is already visible" bug! Hurrah!

Re: Beta Test of Bricks in Motion's New Look

I really like it, but the forums could use some livening up.

Re: Beta Test of Bricks in Motion's New Look

This is looking good! This modern look is refreshing. Good work. I can't wait too see what this new forum you're talking about is like.

Re: Beta Test of Bricks in Motion's New Look

Small nitpick, but the website's tab thumbnail icon (whatever that thing is called) should be updated to reflect the new logo (it presently shows the old).

Also, I think there's just too much white going on now. Maybe I'm biased because I use twitter and youtube's dark themes - but the old lay-out was a lot easier on the eyes IMO. This is just kinda blinding. I've found myself preemptively turning down my computer screen's brightness to the minimum setting before logging on now.

I like the light orange top tabs, and a re-adjustment of the sub-top tabs is nice. Although the font updates are going to take some getting used to. I also really like that the bright, kid friendly/lego-esque colors have been maintained. Don't want to see them go.

Overall, though, the new look really reminds me of retro - if it's 2006 era layout was suddenly snapped into "sleek modernist" 2019 web design aesthetics. And I don't know how I feel about that. Again, though, a lot of that is the colors (or lack thereof) and fonts.

User customizable colors would be sweet, though.

I know things have to be kept ""up to date"" and all, but boy am I going to miss the old look. Logo, colors, and all. *sighs at 15 fps*

Re: Beta Test of Bricks in Motion's New Look

Various small things need to be changed, but this definitely has potential.

Re: Beta Test of Bricks in Motion's New Look

I like the top bar staying as you scroll now, that's definitely convenient. You might want to look into the colouring though as there is very little contrast between the logo and bar itself (dark grey on black). Nice work with the rapid tweaks though!

Re: Beta Test of Bricks in Motion's New Look

This is a large idea, but how about a community sound effect/music library. You could upload your music or sound to Bim and an mod would see if it was of decent quality, then it would be put in the library for free download. Just an idea.:o

Re: Beta Test of Bricks in Motion's New Look

That's a great idea.

We have one here, but it hasn't been touched in years. Perhaps it's time to resurrect it.

Re: Beta Test of Bricks in Motion's New Look

I like it quite a bit, I think the update was long needed.
This could definitely be more of a personal preference, but I think it'd look nice if the background was made a bit darker to match the header and also to be easier to look at.

Re: Beta Test of Bricks in Motion's New Look

Kind of missing the old look.
The new logo is interesting, but like everyone is saying, it's kind of in your face when you come in. I do like how the top bar stays when you scroll down.

As Dyland says, there does seem to be a lot of white. I think it should be at least a light color or something. It looks a little too Business-y.

I think it was very noticeable how wide - if you know what I mean. I could say big - the forums and threads were. I felt like I could hardly see anything, as opposed to the old look where I could fit almost all of the Filmmaking section on the screen at once. Feels Business-y as well.

I personally miss the old colors. It might just be that I'm used to them, but I feel like they should have the old colors - Filmmaking blue, Community green, and Websites orange - But again, personal.

There seemed to be a bug, although this isn't a big deal. when I clicked 'New Posts' then sometimes it would cut off the top of the post. So if I clicked it with a new film, it would come in right below the 'Directory link'. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the update, and it's not a big deal anyway, but just thought I'd waste time talking about it.

I'm being too critical. The new look has potential, but at first glance, I personally wasn't a huge fan (aside from the logo).

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Re: Beta Test of Bricks in Motion's New Look

Whoa! #graphics

I like it overall, a new fun skin without making it awkward to find the old stuff....