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Aftermath Episode 3

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Tensions begin to rise between Betina and Corina over Ethan's disappearance. Regina and her crew must deal with a hostile environment.

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The adventure continues!

This episode felt more like a slow-burner where the tension begins to boil, rather than a more explosive episode. While conversations were held and stuff happened, this episode kinda felt like very little happened. The trio are still stuck on their own and still running from dinos, the base people are arguing, but it didn't seem like anything major shifted this time.
That's not to say it's a bad thing, as I feel some groundwork was laid that will be used later, but individually, this episode didn't have a crazy twist like the last two. 

The script felt less "scripted" this time, as the dialog feels slightly more natural and flows a bit better than last episode.

As for the editing, for a 7 1/2 minute short, nearly 2 minutes of recap and opening credits is a bit much. With the full credits at the end, it would be more direct to cut from the recap to the logo and then to the "new" stuff. Also, the music change at 0:45 is abrupt and jarring. A smoother way of accomplishing that would have been fading out the old, including a second or two of no music, then fading in the new stuff. The music also comes in a bit strong in 3:40, and throughout the film, it comes and goes seemingly randomly.

Voice acting delivery was a bit rough this go round. However, I loved the "dinosaurs are supposed to be extinct!" line. The delivery was hilarious and spot-on. I wish we have more time with that group of people as they feel more directly the threat of the unique premise. (Those in the base seem more threatened by themselves than the dinos.)

Re: Aftermath Episode 3

I feel like you have peeked at future scripts because you are spot on ground work has been laid with what is to come.
I realized after that the beginning would have benefited with just recap then forget opening credits and go to episode like I did with episode 2. Going forward this exactly what I have planned.
I'm glad you picked up on the actions of the people at the base and how they feel threatened among themselves. This really setting up things to come and more twists and surprises. My plan is to really to expand from inside the facility to outside with surprise developments to come.
As for Regina and her crew things are not gonna get any easier and soon they will be on the run again.
With 7 episodes to go in this first season I am really excited with the events to come and in episode 4 will introduce 2 new characters with the return of Dr. Madison who plays a big part with one of these characters. Again very hopeful that I will be able to get episode 4 out before years end. Thanks for your continued support and bang on reviews.

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