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Lego Ultimate Spider Man - Episode 4: "The Sinister Six"


Peter is pushed to his limits in order to stop Harry's quest for revenge and subdue his team, The Sinister Six, composed of criminals Spider-Man defeated earlier.

Director's note: 20 minutes long! Super proud of this episode, as it was a personal lesson on commitment for me. I wrote the script for this back in 2016, written to both the suicide squad and Batman v superman soundtracks. I animated on and off from 2016-2018. I also took particular care in who voiced the characters. (Biggest cast I've ever worked with)Interestingly enough, DC films served as primary influences.

This episode, along with the entire series is a love letter to my favourite comic book character, visually inspired by the Raimi trilogy, with sprinkles from Webb and Watts, as well as various comics. (Bendis and Slott mostly)

Dedicated to the two men who created Spider-Man, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. I gave Mr. Lee a tribute I think he would like: A cameo appearance.

Next is an adaptation of the Spider-Verse storyline I've been teasing since episode 1.

Peter Parker/Spider-Man - Jonovo
Harry Osborn - John Campbell Jr
Mary Jane Watson - Salina Trevino
Otto Octavis/ Doc Ock - Titan Pictures
Kraven the hunter - Lonnie Marks
Alex O'Hern/ The Rhino - Gyorgysva
Adrian Toomes/ The Vulture - Arlen Chitty
Max Dillion/ Electro - Funmi Adetola
Green Goblin - Lonnie marks
Norman Osborn - Dashrunner
Betty Brant - Dasiavou
JJ Jamason - Clinton Owen
Robbie Robertson - Brandon Fields
Captain George Stacy - Scott Mcckicken
Officer Dewolff - Allana Carnie
Ben Urich - Nick Olivo
Gwen Stacy/ Spider-Gwen - Niki Brogen
Morlun - Jeremy Smith-Sebasto
Cop 1 - starwarsproductions1001
Cop 2 - Xerxes Animations
Stan Lee - Himself

Re: Lego Ultimate Spider Man - Episode 4: "The Sinister Six"

Here's the review you requested.

The story itself is pretty decent.  The main thing that stands out to me is the ambition.  Not just creating one twenty-minute brickfilm, but a whole series.  Definitely not a small undertaking.

The animation is probably the weakest aspect of the film.  However, if you continue to keep at it, you could have great animation one day.

Here is in my opinion the best part of the film.  Each of the characters from the heros to the villains, is distinct and have understandable motavation.  The voice acting is pretty good too.

Back to a weaker aspect, the visual effects are a bit lack-luster.  Sometimes they're fine, but more often than not they don't seem to blend well with the footage.  I'm not experianced in that area, so I don't really have advice for that portion.

Story 7/10
Animation 5/10
Characters 8/10
VFX 5/10
Overall 6.5/10  AKA Pretty good.

Re: Lego Ultimate Spider Man - Episode 4: "The Sinister Six"

Pretty solid undertaking to do a series with 20 minute episodes. Nice story. Keep at it.