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LEGO Moon Madness


A little short we created for Brick-a-Brack's Summer Contest 2019.

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Great job!! Rated it 5. The people who rated lower are wrong >:(

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A delightful short! The animation is oh-so smooth, the in-camera laser gun effect is delightful, and I'll admit that I might have watched this several times back-to-back. It was just a treat for the eyes and all. Great job, you guys!

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The camera movement is perfect, the animation delightful the monster is an excellent touch, and the inclusion of a monorail is always cool.

I think the reason it's getting lower ratings might be the unclear story. It seems like two unrelated things happen in the short run time. A, a robot wanders over to a fence and looks disappointing. B, some guys fight a monster. While the focus switches back and forth, I never noticed a connection between the two, nor did I understand why the robot got disappointed and droopy at the end.

Even the simply change of having him looking at the fight and wanting to help, but being unable to, would have given the film more cohesion and perhaps a bit more emotional investment into the characters, rather than simply the wonderfully executed technical side of things. 

I understand it's not supposed to be a long, involved story, but even short films can benefit greatly from a unity of purpose and theme.