Topic: Caught in a trap (BRAWL 2019)

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Caught in a trap (BRAWL 2019)


a man is trapped in a room

my entry for BRAWL 2019

As a mortal, I was called by the name Duffcow56. That time has passed. I am now Duffosaur, ravager of worlds. Look on me and despair.

Re: Caught in a trap (BRAWL 2019)

Nice work.  You interpreted the theme very literally, but I think you used that very literal theme interpretation well. 
The overall concept of him being trapped and the walls closing in is well done, and the camera movements help with that. 
The sound also helped make it feel more claustrophobic in there, but I also think that the sound was what took me out of it most. 
A lot of the sounds felt like they kind of came out of nowhere...the sound didn't feel totally cohesive, and I think working on that would help the overall effect a lot.  It would ideally sound entirely real, as if you're in that room, which is always tough to do.  There's no on-set audio to capture when you're doing stop-motion!