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The House ("BRAWL 2019")


This is my entry to BRAWL 2019. Thanks you to Chris W. for hosting this awesome contest!

Re: The House ("BRAWL 2019")

Nice work. 
Good use of the theme, and the set design looks really great.  You used quite a few different effects to make it creepy - the clock, the video camera, the man at the computers, the room "danger" room.  It all ramped up in intensity in a way that made sense. 
One thing you could work on is smoothing out your camera motion when it moves.  When it tracks with him down the hallway the first time, it has a bit of a jump each time.  Ideally the camera motion would be smooth and feel like it's someone just sliding it down the hallway, rather than feel animated, if that makes sense. 
Overall, nice work.

Re: The House ("BRAWL 2019")

Thank you for you’re feedback! Yes I totally agree with the camera movement. I have a rig I can use for straight left to right motion that works great, but when it comes to panning, my tripod does not pan smoothly for some reason. I think I need to invest in a rig for that too.