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Stuck/Unstuck {BRAWL 2019}

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What if time stopped? And what if you didn't?

My entry into BRAWL 2019.

When trying to create intentional frame blending/interpolation in vegas, I discovered that by continuing to duplicate the effect - the resulting animation looked ethereal and almost dream-like. That, coupled with the excellent theme of "Trapped" gave me the inspiration for this film.

And I think it turned out ok! mini/bigsmile

Re: Stuck/Unstuck {BRAWL 2019}

Great film, also aesthetically gives me classic brickfilm vibes, nice work. mini/wink

Re: Stuck/Unstuck {BRAWL 2019}

Nice work!  I really enjoyed this.  It certainly makes the concept of being 'trapped' in time more unpleasant than I've always imagined it would be. 
I think everything within the film served the story well.  The frozen in time effects like the dog and the skater looked really great. 
Score sounded good and also helped drive the story forward.  As is often the case with short films, I think the best musical material was in the credits and would have liked to hear more of it. But that's just the way that goes. 
Nice entry, best of luck!