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Hey everyone! 
For those of you who remember me, hello again!  And for those who don’t, hello for the first time!  Even though I don’t post these days, I’m still on here pretty frequently and often in the BiM Discord .  I just graduated college with a Bachelor’s of Music Composition and am working towards a career in film scoring. 

For the next two years I’ll be completing a Master's of Business Administration while also trying to be actively doing music projects.  So I’m offering to, as my time allows, score some projects for y’all!  As I am relatively busy with various commitments, I’ll have to be somewhat picky on what I’m willing to score - so please don’t take it personally if I’m unable to work on your project.  Time willing, I’d love to work with you though!   

I am available this upcoming week of BRAWL for scoring...if you’re potentially interested, get in touch sooner rather than later! 

As a rule of thumb, I’d like to be involved as early in the process of the film as I can be, but really I can’t score anything until I actually have a fully edited picture.  The more ‘locked’ the picture is, the better. 

Just for transparency's sake: if you’re doing a film with a budget or one that you’re making money from, then we can talk about you hiring me to do the music.  If it’s a no-budget film you’re not making money from, don’t worry about it.   

Here’s some various work examples.  My apologies for the wall of links...whatever you’re interested in hearing, give it a click! There’s a large variety of stuff. 
I composed, orchestrated, and conducted (when applicable) for all of these examples.   

Film Score Examples:
(first two clips are VST samples and are some recent work, the third clip was done with real string and woodwind players for a VR student project, the three live orchestra feature film links are different cues from the same student feature film that I wrote and recorded music for, and the other two links are VST samples written for student short films)
Animated Short- Action Cue (samples)
Animated Short- Stranger Things-esque Synth Cue (samples)
VR Experience - "Liftoff" (live musicians)
Feature Film - Cue "End Credits" (live orchestra)
Feature Film - Cue "Just Shut Up" (live orchestra)
Feature Film - Cue “Give Thanks” (live orchestra)
Short Film - End Credits - Quirky Elevator Jazz Style (VST/samples)
Short Film - End Credits - Sarcastic Orchestral Waltz (VST/samples)

Ambient /Textural Video Game Samples:
(these ones were created for in-class projects, essentially mock-scoring video games that don’t exist..they give good examples of some more textural writing, as well as highly stylized like space or western.  All of these use VSTs/Samples, nothing is live)
Western Theme, Heroic Version
Western Theme, Ambience Version
Space Ambience, Menu
Space Ambience, Exploration
Space Ambience, Death
Arctic Tundra Ambience, Exploration
Arctic Tundra Ambience, Ice Cave
Arctic Tundra Ambience, Underwater
Horror Ambience, General
Horror Ambience, Chase
Synth Jazz, Intro
Synth Jazz, Energetic
Synth Jazz, Outtro

Concert Work Samples:
Alaska Suite for Orchestra: Alyeska (VST Mock-up)
In Pursuit of Light and Space (live brass quintet)
Aurora Ascending (live solo piano piece)
Terra: Lutum Draco (live string quartet)

If you’d like to reach out about working on anything together generally, or if you’d be interested in something for BRAWL, you can forum message me here or send me an email at [email protected] 

Thanks for listening! 

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Yes hello, this is me, bumping my own post (sorry) since it's become relevant again. 

One, because I have time.  But two, because it's once again time for BRAWL!

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I might need you...

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Are you still actively composing?

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PaceStudios2012 wrote:

Are you still actively composing?

Yes indeed!