Topic: Livestream Steinerei 2019

Hey fellow Brickfilmers!
This weekend the german brickfilm festival "Steinerei" takes place, the first brickfilm festival ever, with the 12 finalists shown in a theatre!
Of course, for some of you it might be a bit hard to visit it, because of the huge distance.

Luckily, we have a solution to that:
The Steinerei will be (if the internet in the cinema is enough) fully streamed on youtube, within publishing the finished stream of the entire festival!

Of course the festival is german, still most of it should be okay to understand.

This is the stream, the Steinerei will start at Saturday 2 pm (CET)

We hope you enjoy the stream!


Re: Livestream Steinerei 2019

Very cool, thanks for posting.  I haven’t heard of a stream like this before mini/sunnies

I set a reminder so the youtube app will note me when it’s live

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