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The Bat-Man: The Axeman's Jazz


The original incarnation of the Batman character was very different from the modern interpretations. Return to Bob Kane's original character from the 1930's!

More thrilling adventures coming soon...

Re: The Bat-Man: The Axeman's Jazz

Now that was one thoroughly enjoyable brickfilm!

While the sets and figures took a bit to get used to, and the opening seemed a bit slow, (though perfect for this kind of film) the story kept me enraptured until the very end.

This is one film where the story and overall tone do such a great job holding it all together that production imperfections go virtually unnoticed.

The slow opening, the building tension, the interactions between the characters, all of those make this feel like an old-timey detective show. (I was fondly reminded of the old  '50's Sherlock Holmes TV show starring Ronald Howard.) It's obvious that a lot of passion went into this project, and it shows.

What made you decide to go with the off-brand figures and mostly non-brick sets? At first glance, the sets seem simplistic, but the more I watched, then more effective and appropriate that simplicity seemed. They showed the geography just fine, allowed for some awesome shots and framing, and allowed the characters to take the focus.

Absolutely amazing film!
And if you need any more voice actors going forward, I'd love to be a part of this.

Re: The Bat-Man: The Axeman's Jazz

I was very pleasantly surprised by this. The figures and sets kind of shocked me at first, but after about two minutes of set-up, I was having a great time. The story is very strong, and the animation is great! Really looking forward to the next installment!

Also, if you need someone with a stupid voice, i'm just one call away. mini/tongue

Re: The Bat-Man: The Axeman's Jazz

I loved this brickfilm. A great script, awesome performances, solid music choices. I truly hope you continue the series. mini/smile