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Teaser Fana'Briques 2019

Teaser we made for a lego exhibition in France.
The theme is amusement parks and the Blue-Brick guy is the new mascot of the association « Fanabriques » which organizes the exhibition.

Enjoy!  mini/smile

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This is great - I especially liked the "Whack the Frog" scene - brilliantly animated and full of character - Well done! mini/smile


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Thanks, legodave1!   mini/smile

Here are a few behind-the-scene pictures:

More behind-the-scene pictures (and a video) by clicking here.

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Very cool and inspiring - thanks for sharing the behind-the-scenes photos and video , very clever how you captured a nice atmospheric ghost train sequence with a relatively simple set-up and the camera on the rail tracks outside is a fun idea to work with mini/smile


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Very nice. mini/smile
I really like the attractions and the mix of Lego-Sets and real-world images.

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Thanks, nwwd Produktion! mini/smile

We also made a teaser last year for Fana'Briques 2018 with our friend Maxime Marion (iguana).
We just noticed we never released it on BiM.
So, here is the link to it:

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Re: Teaser Fana'Briques 2019

As always, great production qualities for a very funny teaser.
I loved the various animated contraptions, and the photography in the horror mansion made a very nice ambience.

May I recommend you to try to use another lamp directly on the sky for the outdoor shots? It would make it a bit more shiny and thus, a bit more authentic.

Good job. Waiting for your upcoming projects!! mini/smile

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Re: Teaser Fana'Briques 2019

Thanks for your kind words and your advice about the lighting, Maxime! mini/smile
It's always difficult for us to light correctly, especially when the set is quite big and also because we only use basic desk lamps. We might one day decide to buy more professionnal material!

By the way, Maxime, nobody noticed Henri & Edmond in the teaser yet... Maybe the creator of these two famous characters will be able to see them? Or anyone else?