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Knickgeschichte - Steinerei 2016


In 2016, the theme of the "Steinerei" was "absurd". And therefore, many quite strange movies were made. This is one of them.

Now a bit of history:

In 2010, some brickfilmers from brickboard wanted to start a new community project about some kind of dystopian video-game world. After month of discussion, the theme went to something like knights and an evil king. However due to misplanning, overthinking, overtalking and the resulting loss of motivation, this community project never got started.

In 2015, brickhenge tried to restart the idea of a community project, which was already scattered and buried in the forum. Quickly some of the old members, who were interested in this project joined along new ones and with a little help from LEGO itself, (thanks for your gift of LEGO-sets) a brickfilmer-group was formed: The "Chaosfalter" (which has multiple meanings, as "falter" may mean someone, who folds sheets or some kind of "butterfly". So we are folding the chaos or are a chaotic butterfly, finding our way to community projects.)

Now finally in 2016 we decided, that our project may also be viewed at the "Steinerei 2016" so we made our movie in a quite special style:
Every brickfilmer does about 20-30seconds of brickfilm and gives the result to the next brickfilmer. But every brickfilmer only gives away his part of the movie. (So Brickfilmer 5 only sees the 20-30 seconds from brickfilmer 4 and has no clue about the work of brickfilmer 1, 2 and 3...)

In the end, bugboy folded all the pieces together and created our "Steinerei-entry".

So after all this years. Brickfilmers from the old kingdom of brickboard still are able to fulfill glorious quests of community projects and may form strange but nice brickfilms till now.

In 2018, we also did another story for the "Steinerei" and we are still active. Slow, but active...
Now enjoy this strange and absurd "Knickgeschichte":