Topic: Wachtmeister Reinmann #04 - Feierabend

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Wachtmeister Reinmann #04 - Feierabend


This is the 4th episode of my series "Wachtmeister Reinmann". And after a long day at work, he also wants to end the day properly. But I think his wife has other plans...
See by yourself!

I designed the series, that you are able to see every episode of constable Reinmann detached from each other and still don't miss the plot. So if this is your first episode, go ahead and watch it. You don't necessarily have to watch every episode before to get an image of it, but sometimes I add some extra bits to some episodes, which refer to past ones.

English subtitles available, have fun!

Re: Wachtmeister Reinmann #04 - Feierabend

I love how the series has recurring events although evvery episode has its own story. Tiny details, so that it's fun to watch it again and again! mini/mrgreen