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Build That Wall!


Note-This video is not for or against Donald Trump

"We need to build a wall!" -Donald Trump
I am sure many of us have heard this before. I bought a custom Lego Donald Trump minifigure in order to film this video. My older brother Jordan voiced the foreman, and Donald Trump was voiced by Donald Trump. Again, this video is NOT intended to offend anyone, it is only intended to entertain. It is not for or against the USA's 45th president, Donald Trump. In this video, there is a whole lot of action going on. When the foreman and Donald Trump are talking, for a lot of the time the workers are walking around and doing different things in the background. Please like, subscribe, and leave a comment. Please leave some feedback and tell me what you think!

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mini/lol that was really good!

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Hey thanks man, I really appreciate it, feel free to share the video. ( I would really appreciate it)