Topic: Create your own stop-motion Lego movie. A practical guidebook. Survey.

Dear friends!
I'm writing a guidebook about creating a stop-motion animation using the Lego blocks and details.
It is written ~ 60% of the planned material theory and practical techniques).
Markup stage will begin soon.

I would like to create a product that is superior in quality to a similar reference book from Klutz and ideally meets the expectations of readers.

Product Detail:

  • Format: Hardcover Illustrated Album
    Pages: about 300 plus

If you are interested in theme of creation your own Lego movies, please go through and answer the short survey, what information would you like to read in this book?
Link to Survey:

Thank you all for your attention!

P.S. Also you can write your opinion right here!

1. What techniques and information would you like to read in this book?
2. How much are you ready to pay for this book?
--- Less than 48 EUR
--- 48 EUR
--- More than 48 EUR
--- Other
3. Do you have any other wishes, questions or comments?
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