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SHAC 2!!

Thanks for watching everyone! This is my first year entering SHAC and it was a ton of fun. I would've liked to have had more sound effects besides just the mod sound, but I ran out of time unfortunately. Hopefully next year I'll plan my time out better haha.

You can also check out an unedited version of this over on my second channel:
Video: Releasing after the results come out! ;D



The cinematography and animation are both superb! 

I appreciate the approach you took to the theme. Intercutting three setpieces, each making a different use of the "surface" theme, did a great job of showing the sheer variety of ways the theme could be approached.

Each setpieces has it's own delights.
The lighting in the astronaut scenes is strong, while great character animation and energy are showcased with the guy with the phone, and the car scenes has some fantastic "crashing" footage.

Sadly, something feels "off" with the cars while they are driving. For some reason, they seemed to only wiggle back and forth ad not actually be going anywhere. I think it's because the studs below the wheels never move. At all. Perhaps sliding the baseplate to a half-stud offset then back to normal would have helped sell that effect.

Great job!