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Improbox #05 - Niedlicher Mops (Vocalflix)


In this episode of my series "Improbox", where I make a more or less improvised brickfilm out of only one Lego product, a pug disovers transformation and experiences an existential crisis...
Have a look!

Also this video was made within 24 hours...

Unfortunately, this brickfilm only contains german language. I am sorry for that. (But it has english Subtitles)

Re: Improbox #05 - Niedlicher Mops (Vocalflix)

More or less improvised? mini/bigsmile
I like all three incarnations of the sets and how each of them has it's own sound and personality!
Also, the soundtrack is mini/love !

Re: Improbox #05 - Niedlicher Mops (Vocalflix)

Thanks, Yetgo!
Personality is of crucial importance for characters! Just go mad at some point.
But not too mad. xD

Re: Improbox #05 - Niedlicher Mops (Vocalflix)

Ok mini/lol