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After a long night of HAVING A GREAT PARTY WITH HIS FRIENDS, a very TIRED, very HUNGRY man is in for a lesson only a fantastical man can provide.

Made in 49.5 Hours for Brickfilm Day 2019! I livestreamed about half of the creation of this film. It was originally intended to be completed within the space of 24 hours, but as with our film's protagonist, things do not always go according to plan *winky face* *winky face* *kissy face*
Youtube @TheRealSonjira I consider it a personal defeat if my pee is not perfectly clear every time.]


It's a Sonjira film.... which means it's wild, wacky, and wonderful!
And this one even seems to make a little more sense than your last few. (I think)
Great animation, delightfully unpredictable and crazy story, and a hilarious use of string.

A fun addition to the Brickfilm Day festivities.


W W W  C H H A A A T H


Gave it five stars before I finished it.