Topic: Retrospective (Channel Trailer) - Brickfilm Day 2019

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Retrospective (Channel Trailer) - Brickfilm Day 2019


This is my video for Brickfilm Day 2019! I would've preferred to have gotten an actual brickfilm done, but I've been tight on time, so I just edited all this together, with a few sneak peeks at LEGO Captain Marvel. mini/wink

You can check out all of the other Brickfilm Day 2019 videos here:

This video is just kind of a retrospective of all of my animations throughout the past 2 or so years. But it also works as a channel trailer, so if you're new around here, now you know what you're in for. mini/wink

I've been doing a lot more for Brickfilm Day in the past couple of months, so I suggest you check it out if you haven't already! I'll be posting on my community tab about any of the projects I'm involved in with BFD (along with consistent updates on there about my own videos)!

Here is every video featured in this video listed in chronological order:
LEGO Spider Man VS Spider Man!:
LEGO Black Ops:
Brickfilm Day 2018:
LEGO Rebel Spy:
Time, a question of speed:
Fight Challenge:
What's Happening?:
Rage Challenge:
Results Day - Weary Challenge:
Lego Halloween | Finish The Story:
Bohemian Rhapsody Trailer in LEGO:
Winter Wonderland:
365 Days:
Brickfilm Day 2019 Festival Announcement:
LEGO Captain Marvel: Coming March 8th on this channel! ;D


Thank you for watching, I hope you enjoyed this video and I suggest you check out the other 100 or so brickfilms that are releasing today and tomorrow! Bye. mini/smile