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Today, I was thinking about a LEGO stop motion feature film. Instead of the LEGO Movie being CGI, it was actually stop motion. But what if the animation aspect of the film was left in the hands of us brickfilmers? Who do you all think would be the best choice to animate the movie, and what would you have done with the style of the animation?

It isn't necessary, but if you could change the story, what would you do with it? I'm mainly asking who you think should be left with the task of animation and the style, but all those questions could potentially be answered.  Go boil your ruler in a bicycle helmet. Sayonara! mini/bigsmile

Re: If The LEGO Movie Was Stop Motion

If they did it in stop motion, they'd need all the help they could get, and I would hope lot of us could have jobs animating for it.
I think the animation style was really well done, I particularly liked the mixed framerates, even while some things are moving at 24 on ones, others are moving on twos, and I think there are even some threes and fours in there. The lack of motion blur is mandatory, and the limited use of particle effects (well they did get away from that aesthetic in Ninjago) kept it really fresh. These were all aspects of the original lego movie that I studied for my Ninjago entry, ya know the bus scene: particularly by animating the samurai character on twos to make him feel even heavier than everyone else in the scene, then when he boards the bus, the bus starts moving on twos to give the feel of his weight being transfered to the bus. But also including double exposures on the stagger when the bench flips up to really sell the feel of the vibration. I applied to the lego movies a year ago, and now that I have more experience working at stop motion studios, I'm revamping my reel and hope to apply again soon. It would be great to get in on the Billion Brick Race project.

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