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Legend - THAC XVI


There were tales of a garden more beautiful than anyone had ever seen, but no one believed them.  Many brave Warriors had gone in search of it, but had always returned unsuccessful.  “There is nothing beyond but emptiness and desolation,” they said.  “Be happy with what you have here.”  But Nadia was different, she knew deep inside that there was something out there.  So she set out to search for the garden.

The animation is a little bit rusty, and it was kinda rushed, but over all I'm happy with the result, and I really like how the sets came out.

Completed in 24 hours, Camera; Sony RX-10ii, Editor FCPX, and Motion5.

Music is by a friend of mine,

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Re: Legend - THAC XVI

Good job!  It's especially impressive since, as I saw in the chat, you were really against the clock.  Also, I have to mention the great set design, particularly the final set.