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Treasure (THAC XVI)


My entry to the 2019 Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest! A group of explorers get a bit more than they bargained for after finding treasure. I am very happy and proud of finishing this film on time.

Re: Treasure (THAC XVI)

This really reminds me of Joscha Sauers "Nichtlustig".
But with a different ending ^^ But yet more realistic I guess. mini/smile I really like the hat on the girls hair. Did you fix it with clay?

Re: Treasure (THAC XVI)

I really enjoyed this.  It was one of the funniest entries.
Good job!  mini/smile

Re: Treasure (THAC XVI)

Good to see you made a brickfilm again, Bert! I like the dry humor.

Re: Treasure (THAC XVI)

I've watched one THAC entry so far, currently this one is my favourite.

Good job BertL