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The Quarrel Concerning The Kid


My Entry into the 2018 SHAC competition, it finished 3rd, but I forgot to submit it to the directory, so here it is!

Shot on an RX10 II with the Stop Motion+ app
Edited in FCPX
Music Written and performed by me on a Vorson Guitarlele
Recorded In GarageBand
“But the enterprise in which I’m about to embark on is fraught with imminent peril.”

Re: The Quarrel Concerning The Kid

One of my favorite films to come out of SHAC! Love the song, and the styling of the video was certainly unique (all through flashback in a thought bubble). Great entry.

I still watch it every weekend or so. Nice to see it finally uploaded to the BiM directory! mini/smile

Re: The Quarrel Concerning The Kid

This is my favorite brickfilm you've made.  Having most of the animation take place in thought bubbles was a unique idea and gave the film its own identity.