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"French Wines" is inspired by the grape harvest season.
For his vineyard, french wine-grower Philippe Muchensturm goes to the extreme !

this brickfilm starts my new series of stop motion shorts : BRiX. Each episode has its own concept, story and characters.

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Re: French Wines

I love it!
Good job setting up a beautiful beginning that warms the heart with the a calm, documentary mood, only to...well, do an equally good job with the second half's twist!

As always, great production values line up to enhance an already a wonderful story. While the idea is far more simple, and the punchline slightly more predictable, than your previous films, that doesn't make it bad. In fact, taking this simple story and telling it so incredibly well is yet another testament to your flexibility and skill.

I'm so glad to see yet another great film from you! Thanks for sharing it.

Re: French Wines

Short, effective, funny, and so beautiful!
Great job as usual, Maxime, we love it! mini/bigsmile

Re: French Wines

Funny, witty, and great pacing.

Re: French Wines

Great video, I did not see that coming. I like how the flags swing with different timing and phase, a nice touch.