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The History of Brickfilms: 1990s



Though brickfilming activity was increasing in the 1990s, there do not seem to be brickfilms from the decade with the same wide recognition as the most well known ones from the previous decades. With this video, in addition to covering the general history of LEGO filmmaking in the decade, I hope to shed light on the best 1990s brickfilms in the hope that they will receive more attention.

Here is the list of links to films and other videos that I included, in order of appearance. I have marked in bold the ones that receive specific attention in the video, which should roughly serve as a recommended viewing guide. Keep in mind that this list also includes things not made in the 1990s, and also doesn't include every single 1990s brickfilm I have tracked down.

And the Winner Is...?:
Japanese Pirates ad 1990:
Japanese Pirates ad 1993:

Aardman Pirates ad:
Aardman M-Tron ad:
Aardman Airport ad:
Aardman Train ad:
Town Airport shop video:
Space Police shop video:
M-Tron shop video:

LEGO Sport Champions:
Japanese System ad:
Japanese Police ad:
Castle - Wolfpack ad:
Castle - Dragon Knights ad:
Nautica ad:
Time Cruisers ad:
Divers ad:
Adventurers ad:
Ninja ad:
Space ad:

The Magic Portal:
The Parasite:

Untitled - GKS Productions:
Untitled - Bono & Ibanga Jr.:
Reisen til Bestemor:
Untitled - Ryan Bateman:
Untitled - Chip Couch:
The Bandit:
Untitled - Matt & John Weet:
Krieg der Steine:
Untitled - Derek & Whit Miller:
Skinhead People:
Jurrassic Park II:
O Ceifar Parcial Duma Vida:
The Blob:
Oh Well: … JVOHM/view
America's Funniest Home Videos: … FjbXM/view
TE: … 1zQlk/view
The Making of LegoMation:
Heart of Darkness: … R0TUU/view
Medieval Times: … FScnM/view
LEGO Slate #1: … FZd2M/view
Bork: … EwODA/view
Mr. Charlie in "Watch Out!":
Mr. Charlie in The Lock-Up!:
Mr. Charlie in It's a Small World After All!:
Mr. Charlie in Date Night:
The Invasion:
License to Destroy:
LEGO jar shakki kokeiluja:
The Warp & The Weft:
Das Monster:
Space Worms:
Untitled - Ernie Booth, Josh & Nick:
Untitled - Linee Duncan:
Fast Forward:
Fast Forward II:

Fast Forward III raw footage:
Ministry - "Thieves":
Joey Ramirez and his LEGO Space Adventure:
Star Trek: The LEGO Generation:
Untitled - Brian Kenyon:
What's For Breakfast?:
I Hold in my Hand:
Hamlet - Play within the Play:
Underpants Day:
Ein König reich:
The Ambush:
The Hei$t: … t2ak0/view
Mario Kart 64 LEGO Raceway:
Natural Born LEGOmen:
LEGO Troopers:
The Mysterious Secret Treasure of the Lost Pyramid: … F3TVk/view

Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All the World Episode 1: Warning: This film is NSFW!
Twelve Bucks:

The LEGO Clan:
Coffee & Carnage:
Park Rides: … iman2.html
LEGO dragon test:
Lifemaker I:
The 1st ever webcam - Connectix Quickcam:
Seasons Greetings from Connectix:
Lifemaker III:
LEGO Studios ad:
The Funhouse: … tZVGM/view
The Western Rip Off: … GJJE2/view
Corporal Dan: … dtOVE/view

Meteor Shower: … ZaMlU/view
The Deadly Present: … NILTg/view
Joy Ride: … NtXzg/view
Corporal Dan: Showdown: … JCZms/view
Corporal Dan: Revelations:

Ohio Dan and the Silver Brick of Doom:
Sabre Duel: … RxVnM/view
LEGO Menace: … FhNzg/view
Salt Lake Spaceport: … NrU2M/view

Re: The History of Brickfilms: 1990s

Informative and well made as always. mini/bigsmile

Re: The History of Brickfilms: 1990s

Absolutely excellent. The amount of research that must have gone into this (and also part 1) is mind boggling. I'm willing to bet that this series itself will become part of the History of Brickfilms for being such a comprehensive overview of the History of Brickfilms. Can't wait for part ∞ to delve into that one.

Re: The History of Brickfilms: 1990s

I remember when I told you about Star Trek: The LEGO Generation.

Great list, nice work.

For all your BrothersWaughStudios needs: … pAKtshbTbQ

Re: The History of Brickfilms: 1990s

Once again, you are very impressive.
Not only have you given us a heavily researched history of brickfilming, but you've also provided links and/or downloads to all these treasures so we can enjoy them too. Thank you so very much!

I had no idea the 90's had such a rich history, and can't imagine how hard it would have been to track some of them down. (Other than Twelve Bucks, I don't recall seeing any of these before.)  Explaining how 90's films influenced some more recent "classics" was another wonderful touch that revealed just how much these films mean and how much we would lose by forgetting them.

While this, and Part 1, were no doubt difficult in the area of finding the films, I have a feeling the rest of the series will have the opposite problem. Narrowing the available films down to a manageable number will be quite the task. Best of luck!

Re: The History of Brickfilms: 1990s

These films are such an invaluable resource to the community, I don't think anyone else has taken an overview of such a huge swath of important community history and packaged it all into such a well made and appealing package. This series is such an important piece of documentary on this niche little community, an I'm sure it'll be talked about for years and years along with the other major pieces of Brickfilming lore.

Great stuff buddy, this is important work preserving the history of this art, and you're doing a bang up job at it.
Youtube @TheRealSonjira I consider it a personal defeat if my pee is not perfectly clear every time.]

Re: The History of Brickfilms: 1990s

Very very interesting, great job, Penta!
We're looking forward to next part! mini/bigsmile

Re: The History of Brickfilms: 1990s

I’m really liking these. It’s truly remarkable what kind of stuff these guys were able to make with such primative equipment.

Re: The History of Brickfilms: 1990s

Thanks all for the kind words. I'm glad people find these interesting and think they will be valuable for time to come.