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Bob And Randy - The Freebaker Conspiracy (Episode 3)


A bored Randy finds himself in over his head when he accidentally buys a age-old conspiracy group during a bake sale. Meanwhile, Bob delves into the depths of the cactus arts.

Re: Bob And Randy - The Freebaker Conspiracy (Episode 3)

I'm pleased to be one of the first to watch this.

The humor in this brickfilm was extremely funny, partly because of how well-acted it was, partly because of how well-written it was.  The situations were ridiculously exaggerated, but the characters took themselves, and the situations they were in, so seriously that it made for great irony.  The aniamtion was impressionistic, with quick, flashy cuts breaking up long static scenes.  Visually, you never knew what to expect.   The captions and cryptic imagery contributed to this feel.  The contrast of subversive with absurd was ony enhanced by this.

As the writer, compeser, and performer of the vocal scores, I had access to the script beforehand.  As funny as it was, it comes through even better in the visual medium.  The cactus parts, for instance, were very funny, even better than my own reading and imagining its dpiction.  Speaking of the visuals, the sets were well-designed.  I also liked how some of the captions during the meteting table scene were on a plane parallel to the sides of the table.  The special effects, the voice talent, everything was top-notch, contributing to both the quality and the comedy of the overall film.

I also had fun finding the subliminal Easter Eggs and reading them all.  Excellent job!

PS: I love Bob's contrast to Randy and the super-seriousness of the other characters.  Bob's over-entheusiasm over things is kind of a half DJ Max Grody and half Barry Goldberg.  Very funny!

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Re: Bob And Randy - The Freebaker Conspiracy (Episode 3)

Fun dialogue, and good animation, overall a enjoyable experience. mini/smile