Topic: A New Movie


I am making a LEGO movie Known as Nightmare Hour. Basically taking place in a similar universe to Van Helsing and Sleepy hollow, Nightmare hour tells a tale of Edgar von Grimm, son of Barnabous von Grimm the famous monster hunter,who is on a mission to save Transylvania from the corruption of the Monster Lord, Nosferatu von Draculos, before he turns into a Monstrous town frozen in time.

I basically need a crew who knows and loves brickfilms as much as I do. This film is Rated PG-13 for Strong Language, Monster Fighting Action, Blood and gore, and Disturbing scenes. Not all LEGO movie are rated for that content, but I am willing to go up to that mark.

I need a lot of idea generators and a core team as this will premiere at a Film Festival. If you are interested in helping me make a LEGO Feature Film, please let me know.

Thank you,
Noah Boyd

Any questions will be answered ASAP.