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TORMENT- A LEGO Bullying Film


This video is a representation of the struggles involved with being the victim of a bully, all in the form of LEGO. The goal of this video is to bring awareness to the bullying epidemic in hopes that it can help to end the problem.

Nothing is going to get better until people speak up and fight for what's right in this world.

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Re: TORMENT- A LEGO Bullying Film


Brickfilms can be light and entertaining, but, like all kinds of media, they really shine when they have a deeper meaning.
While the sets, props, and characters were all superbly realized thanks to a well used Lego collection and some creative techniques, it's obvious that the most effort went into perfecting the story.

I love how you used the "talking" reminiscent of the old Lego video games. That style allows viewers to fill-in-the-blank for the situations and taunts they face, but still gets across the emotion of the characters. It also helped with "showing, not telling" the story.

Wonderful film that needs more attention.

Re: TORMENT- A LEGO Bullying Film

So, this film hit close to home for a lot of reasons. As someone who has dealt with things similar to what is portrayed in the film, I can say you captured the stress and anxiety of the victim very well. You also conveyed the feeling of loneliness and helplessness that comes with any kind of bullying/abuse. This is one of the few brickfilms I have seen where the message doesn't get lost in overly sad seqences and melodramatic music. You gave us a thoughtful, interesting, and most importantly respectful look into something many teenagers (and adults or really anyone for that matter), face on a daily basis. And you are most certainly right about speaking up, it's something we all have to do. So thank you SuitedNinjaNerd, you have given me and the rest of the community a new brickfilm with serious subject matter to recommend to everyone. Great work man, and keep it up.

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Re: TORMENT- A LEGO Bullying Film

Yes, great job, SuitedNinjaNerd!
It's refreshing to see a brickfilm like this, with such a strong message.
Keep up the good work! mini/smile

Re: TORMENT- A LEGO Bullying Film

Yeah, this was really really good! I liked how it had a deeper message. The lighting is flawless and the animation is buttery, so you've gotten the message across with a lot of style! Really well done, SNNP!