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Little Guys... In Space!

Kickstarter campaign (2012)

The rarely-seen theatrical ad for wave 2 of "Little Guys!", recently discovered in the projection booth of an abandoned theater.

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WOW! mini/jaw

That's incredible!
The animation is flawless.
So are the design, sets, characters, and concept.

Well done.

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I love the attention to all the little details in this! Much of the large-scale character animation (especially the testimonials) has such a lively, human feel to it. Definitely the best I've seen of that style of LEGO animation.

Congratulations on completing such a large undertaking.

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While the original succeeded in its pastiche (80's/90's toy commercial pacing, VHS look, etc.) the sequel excels even more so. Not only does it keep the same tone as the original (something I was, admittedly, a bit worried that would be lacking), but it expands upon it with the added movie references, sci-fi chic, and overall loveliness.

Animation aside, I love the look and feel throughout. Plus, the story's great too! (as is the animation)

Spoiler (click to read)

Also, am I picking up on a Cave Johnsonian dark undertone from the aged Murray Carter's Larry Carter's Test Lab experiments?

Here's hoping for wave 3 in the next decade! mini/lol

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That was...beautiful. Everything about it was so perfectly done, from the writing, to the animation and CG effects, to the lighting and sets. This is one of the best brickfilms ever. Better than the original.

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We already loved the original which is one of our favorite brickfilms ever,
and this sequel is just so beautiful and perfect in all aspects!
Congrats!!! mini/bigsmile