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How far would you go, for someone you truly love?
Made for Bricks in Motion Summer Contest "Movie Magic"

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While this was a very well-made brickfilm visually, its only fault is a thin plot that is at times hard to follow. It probably could've benefitted from a little more backstory or explanation of the villains, and it  was unclear why they wanted to attack the father and son. There were some great shots and animation sequences though, and the flashlight scene was excellent. Good luck in the contest.

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Re: Adrift

I love the lighting in this film. Great job!

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Good job! The only thing that could be different next time is not having such long black screens.  Otherwise, it was a good movie. mini/smile

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Thank you for everyone's kind support!

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Your film was one of the more experimental and ambitious films submitted. I appreciate that! It's good to try new things and step outside your comfort zone as a filmmaker, and I think it'll help you improve quickly.

The animation was sufficient (there's room to improve, but not bad by any means) and I really liked the sets and lighting of the caves. I'm not sure I totally understood the story, but it seemed like you were going for something kind of abstract so that might have been intentional. There's also a cool transition at 2:34 that I wanted to complement, which absolutely fell within the type of "movie magic" that were were looking for.

Honestly, I think the biggest detractor from my experience watching this film was the song sad_afternoon.wav. It was pretty overpowering (in the sense that I found myself distracted by it instead of watching the film) and I'm not sure about the feelings it was supposed to evoke. I think swapping that out for something else would have improved the viewing significantly.

This film has a lot of potential and I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with in the future. Thanks for entering the contest!