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What's Happening?

Check out the video here!

I'd suggest pausing the video unless you are literally the fastest reader to ever exist with a brain capacity larger and faster than the Flash...
(Yeah looking back I probably should’ve left the text on screen a liiiiiitle longer, buuuut... too late now I guess. :0)

I've literally re-rendered and re-uploaded this video like 10 times because I kept changing certain parts in the text and adding some more video ideas and stuff, so here is an updated schedule:

Contests and Stuff (24th September 2018 - New to the schedule)
Toypocalypse (November 29th 2018)
365 Days (January 1st 2019)
Channel Trailer (February 10th 2019)
LEGO Captain Marvel (8th March 2019)
The Briefcase - An in Depth Analysis (2019)
The Briefcase (2019, it will be released right after the BTS video)

The next videos have no certain release dates and will be made in whatever order I want. ;D

LEGO Star Wars: Boba Fett’s Revenge
LEGO Star Wars: A Day in the Life
Skating VS Parkour
The Room
The Depths
The Outlaw
Battle Arena: An Interactive Story
Food Fight (New to the schedule)
The Horrors That Lie Beneath (New to the schedule)
The Lonely Life of a Yeti (New to the schedule)

As I said in the video, I'll probably think of more ideas or change some of the dates, and some of these could possibly not get made or get cancelled for some reason, but we can only hope for the best! mini/smile

Oh yeah also, at the last text part where it says I only have 1 more video planned for this year, obviously that has changed, I now have 2... xD. It's just gonna be a short compilation of some of the many contests I've been entering over the course of the last few months, along with a few other random clips! You'll probably have seen most of them if you're subscribed to F.P.P Extra, but oh well, lol.

Anyway, I was just trying to keep this video short and simple, I hope you all enjoy. mini/smile

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Re: What's Happening?

I can't wait for "The Briefcase'"!