Topic: Awesomepants Impact- Production thread.

Hey fellow brickfilmers! It’s been a while since I’ve been on the forums.
This’ll be my production thread for my upcoming brickfilm “Awesomepants Impact”, which is a direct sequel to the “Awesomepants Origins” trilogy BUT is still plenty accessible to people who haven’t watched it. (Because let’s face it, the Awesomepants Origins shorts were really hard to follow) Originally I meant for this to be a summer contest entry, but at this point I seriously doubt I’ll get it done in time. Real life stuff, you know? I intend to improve on every aspect of the brickfilms done previously, and I hope this will be really epic. I’m planning 4 episodes of approx 10 minutes each. I’ve finished writing the script for the first episode, so I’ll be ready to start production. I don’t have any images to show yet, but keep an eye on this thread for new developments!